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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tanned Mom; Burnt Nation.

Know what piece of popular news has got me really pissed off lately?

Patricia Krentcil and daughter, Anna.

I'm pissed off about all of the fuss surrounding admittedly over-tanned mother, Patricia Krentcil, who stands accused of bringing her daughter into a tanning salon, causing severe sunburn. 

First of all, there's no reason for us to really assume she actually did bring her fair-skinned, red-haired six-year old child into a tanning salon (which happens to be illegal and likely would have been noticed and stopped by salon employees). The owner of the salon has reportedly claimed that staff witnessed Mrs. Krentcil's daughter waiting outside with her father.

Second, why do we get off on persecuting those who are different than we are? Why do we poke fun at the, obviously, mentally ill? This woman, who doesn't seem to be guilty of actually putting her child in danger, is most likely only guilty of suffering from issues with her body image (as she displayed in her response to TMZ in regards to whether she felt she was the target of a witch hunt: "Yes. Yes. There's somebody out there on my whole life that doesn't like me because they're jealous, they're fat and they're ugly"). And really, don't we all have concerns about our bodies? Her words may have been defensive and indicative of her own issues, but she also makes a good point: we're obsessed with her body, more than likely, because we're obsessed with our own bodies. So are we really that much better than she?

I'm not really as disgusted by the fact that we're wasting a lot of news-time on a minor, shallow issue (that's news, isn't it?) as I am by the sheer display of self-righteousness and judgement concerning a mother who clearly loves her daughter (and clearly also loves to tan). Shame on us... shame on us for projecting our issues with this women onto her daughter... shame on us for reporting in ways that show a strong bias against this mother and painting her as a demon.

I've got an idea!

Let's let the court decide!


copper7op said...

I'm not sure how this shit even makes it to court. Tanning Salon says she waited with her father, Father says she waited, and there is 0 evidence of her going into a tanning salon.

Sounds like the ADA needs something better to do with his time.

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