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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Puppies Don't Like Pot!

*disclaimer* - I know people get their pets high on all kinds of drugs, but for simplicity's sake, I'll just be discussing marijuana.

Plain and simple, pot is not for pooches.

We wouldn't think of getting our children high (with the exception of a few nut-jobs), but many of us do not even hesitate when it comes to sparking up sparky. If you're one of those people, perhaps it would interest you to know cannabis does not have such a pleasant effect on our canine friends. If inhaled, cannabis will likely irritate the throat of your dog. The effect will be similar to the effect on humans, but the difference is that you chose to get high; your dog did not.

If, however, your dog ingests marijauna by eating it (even as little as a few grams... which sounds like a lot, but wouldn't take long for Fido to finish), the effects can be much more serious, including (but not limited to): vomiting, incoordination, urinary incontinence, and rarely, seizures or death (I sure as hell wouldn't want to risk my dog being the rare case).

It's pretty simple: dope hurts dogs.

As for the rest of our housepets?

Well, there is no evidence to suggest marijuana has a harmful effect on felines, but you can still gaurantee the smoke would irritate their little throats. And, just as with dogs, you're really not giving your cat any choice in the matter when you blow smoke in his or her face. Catnip, not cannabis, I say!

As for those who would even entertain the thought of smoking up their rodent, reptile, bird, or other small animal... well... they do not deserve pets. C'mon, they have tiny little lungs!

So, just because your pet is stumbling around and looks 'chill', it doesn't mean your pet is happy. Our pets can't tell us "hey, I don't like that!", so it's ridiculous to assume that they do like getting high. If you never smoked pot, you wouldn't know what you were missing, so what makes you think your pet is happier for getting high?

Blowing smoke in your animals face is akin to dropping acid in someone's drink.

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