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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day, ya idiots!

I hope everyone is having a truly wonderful Canada Day... if you're not from Canada, well, sorry... I'm only giving my good wishes to fellow Canadians. Also, if you're not from Canada and got offended by that last comment, you must be an idiot... and I don't want idiots reading my blog anyway. Or at least, not just any idiot. The only idiots allowed here are Canadian idiots.

This being said, please enjoy this hilarious video: Canadian Idiot by Weird Al (at least, I hope that's who sings it... wouldn't I feel like an idiot if it wasn't?)

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dave said...

and that video is why weird al hasn't been funny in 10 years. pride in one's country is kinda lame, that is why only americans are fucking crazy over their country, they hate each other and will fuck over everyone to get ahead but say something about america and they freak. they are unstable, i am in a relationship with one i know what i'm talking about.

~*~Shadow.Crystal~*~ said...

I actually think the song is pretty funny... I believe we should always be able to make fun of our own countries (or others, in Weird Al's case [although I admit, he is running out of ideas])... and, not sure if Green Day is American, but American Idiot was just as great.

I have no problem with Americans... just the American government. And really, our government is just as screwed now.

ian in hamburg said...

Canadian Idiot is hilarious!
Living far, far, away from pop-culture-land I didn't know until recently that it was actually based on another song....

Da Old Man said...

Good post. I need to click your humor blog link. :)