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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Come Into My Room: Project Complete

Well, one journey comes to an end. I apologise for neglecting this blog as of late, but I've finally got back into my blogging 'groove'. Rather than drag the cleaning of this room out for the next few weeks, however, I decided it was too much of a waste of time... it made little sense to divide the small amount that was left into three more features. So, as you can see, everything came together.

If you're disappointed about my decision to not go on and on about my bedroom for the next three Wednesdays, well, I'm sorry... for more reasons than one.

My study corner, art cabinet, and cedar chest are no longer cluttered and inaccesible. Although, I'm sure you've noticed I have bit of an unhealthy obsession with candles.

There has also been a huge improvement with the organisation of my bookshelves and entertainment centre. The rainbow flags are not exactly my choice of decor (I love them, but they're slightly loud for my room), but I don't have much else to use in place of the missing cabinet doors.

And, finally, everything has a spot. I'm still not too happy with the cheesy knick-knacks littering the shelves of my entertainment centre, but I will get to those as I find places for them. I am, however, in love with my 'coffee table'... drink tray and all! And, I found a nice home on the wall for my witch dagger. The dagger is actually the witch's hat... it pulls out!

I'm also quite thrilled with my 'spiritual corner' and my nightside table, but I felt no need to post pictures - some things must remain sacred and private.

I hope you all enjoyed your stay in my bedroom... check back for tomorrow's poll since I'll be giving the options for the next fiendish feature - it will be all up to you, folks!

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Claire said...

I have an unhealthy obsession with candles and a spiritual corner, it took me about a month to get my room sorted and about 10 bags of rubbish :)

Ivy said...

It's so preeeetty. ANd I absolutely LOVE your witch dagger! I seriously want one of them.
I too, have an unhealthy obsession with candles, lol. But I never seem to burn them... hmm....