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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Cider House Rules: A Review

Released during the year 2000, The Cider House Rules travels back in time by a few years, but deals with issues that could more like be considered current whether the year is 1943 or 2043.

Homer Wells (Tobey Maguire) is a wonderful person who was raised in a New England orphanage, under the wing of Dr. Wilbur Larch (Michael Caine). Set during the Second World War, The Cider House Rules follows the story of a young man, who is setting out to discover himself, while also (quite eloquently) touching on the issue of abortion, shedding a positive light on the respect for a woman's choice.

Homer, yearning to become a man, leaves with Wally Worthington (Paul Rudd) and his partner Candy Kendall (Charlize Theron) after they arrive at the orphanage so Candy undergo a safe abortion. After arriving at Wally's family apple farm, Homer earns his keep and lodging in the cider house by working on the farm. During his stay at the apple farm, Homer learns a lot about life, morals, compassion, and love, especially as he is allowed more time with Candy after Wally leaves for war.

This is one of the few movies I have absolutely no problem with; in my opinion, everything about this movie is perfect. Here's the trailer, but if you haven't seen this, I suggest you wander to your local video store and pick up a copy tonight.

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