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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Things Simply Aren't Art (Starving Dogs)

Some things in life aren't all sunshine and lollipops (although I generally like to keep it that way when I'm blogging). I was told by someone that this post will scare away my readers - so - if you are one of those people who can't handle the fact that we live in a real world with real problems that need to be addressed, that's fine, please don't read this post - we'll be back to sunshine and lollipops tomorrow.
Normally I like to highlight admirably amazing artists (and I've got a great line-up for the next few weeks). But, since I value the good in life, I'm take a bit of time to address the bad.
The person I mentioned in my disclaimer is the type of person who will cover their ears and yell "LA-LA-LA-LA, don't want to hear it!"... which, in my opinion, doesn't really get us anywhere - the bad keeps happening while we're happily rocking away in the corner. So, let's start.

This is what a murderer looks like:

Guillermo Vargas Jiménez (Habacuc) is a thirty-two year-old man who was born in Costa Rica.

A university drop-out, Guillermo fancies himself an artist. In 2007, it was reported that Guillermo's "Exposición N° 1" was displayed in the "Códice Gallery" in Managua, Nicaragua. The exhibit included a starving dog who was tied in a corner, and dog food used to write a phrase on the wall, just out of the dog's reach (click here if you feel the need for imagery).

Now, I cannot find any information source I'd say is completely accurate - there are a number of stories circulating about this incident... many claim the dog was not mis-treated, as the dog either "got away", "was fed between showings", or "was released after six hours" - other accounts claim the dog starved to death. My point is that whether the dog starved to death, or was released into the streets after 6 hours, the exhibit was still cruel... one simply does not taunt a starving dog by placing food out-of-reach.

So, why did I post about such a depressing incident? I mean... it already happened, so there's nothing we can do...


This year (2008), Guillermo has been given permission to do another exhibit. We have the power to possibly put an end to it by signing this petition. There are already over one million signatures, so please add yours.


Dr. Rob said...

Good for you. Thanks for making the petition easy to sign. I feel good having signed it.

John Painz said...

Signed it last week.

Seriously. That's a guy? I would say put him in a corner with a mirror. Jesus.


Thank u for sharing this with us. I also put it on my blog and sent an email to some of my friends to sign to. This monster had to be on jail. He is the real animal.

carmen said...

I can tell just reading at your blog that you have not been in one of these countries, where you can see a lots of dogs starving in the streets and nobody doing nothing to save them so,this one was going to die anyway

carmen said...

and yes he is and artist

Anonymous said...

well..ur actually helping him... it seems you dont understand...i suggest u investigate more of what made the work begin! in places like nicaragua you see dogs dying in the streets and nobody does anything about it! im not saying im for cruelty against animals! but he is making us understand the irony of reality...dont be ignorant...this work of art has to do with the murder of a person as injustice that happenned in nicaragua...u should research...and i say it because im in a family of artists!

~*~Shadow.Crystal~*~ said...

I understand the situation dogs are in in some of these countries, but I do NOT feel it is an acceptable reason to exploit their suffering as art. This display did nothing to improve the situation these animals are in, but it did a fine job of glamorising animal abuse... and it certainly helped the artist become well known. I believe in freedom of art, but I also believe in good taste and good sense about where to draw the line. I don't agree that horrible acts can be done in the name of art... or anything else for that reason... it's that mentality that makes people think it's okay to bring it to the next level, say, violence in the name of religion.
Child abuse is a huge problem... so, do you think it is acceptable for a child to be chained just out of reach of food or water... put on display so a "message" can be given? I do agree that speaking about this man could possible add to his popularity, but the point of the post was to direct people to petition against him.

Anonymous said...

dogs do die in our countries but not necessarily of starvation most of the times is malnutrition because if they are hungry trust me they will find water and they will find food this guy did not give this animal an option, just because there are starving kids in Africa does not mean that i'm going to tie a kid up and not feed him. I read his artist statement and yes even though we don't stop and think or care about those dogs out there dying he is no one to decide whether or not that animal was going to die, who knows some one could have adopted it, i mean come on we're all dying from the moment we were born and we just need to accept the path of life he had no right to decide this dog's faith

Anonymous said...

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