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Monday, June 23, 2008

Luis Royo (Artist of the Week)

Born during the year of 1954 in Olalla, Spain, Luis Royo is a brilliantly talented artist.

I was first exposed to Luis Royo's art when I was a teenager, floating around a chatroom called "Virtual Places" (it used to be owned by Excite... it is now owned by Halsoft and costs $10 a month, which simply isn't worth it. Seriously... who pays money to chat?). Everyone who was anyone had a Luis Royo avatar (one of his paintings cropped and scaled down to 116x102 pixels). Well, your art has to be pretty amazing if people are going to chose to use one of your paintings as their avatar (instead of a half naked Hollywood superstar).

Today, I share with you, some of my favourite images by Luis Royo. I am sure you'll enjoy his work as much as I do.

Trust me, it was really hard to narrow his work down to five paintings to be displayed here.
Luis Royo's work cannot be confined to one medium (he also produces art for video games, comic books, CD's, and tarot cards). And, his portfolio cannot be confined to my one blog post.

...which is why I want you to click here and visit Luis Royo's website...
Because his official website is in Spanish, you can also click here to visit his page on "Artcylopedia", an online guide to art.

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