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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jessica Larsen - Photographer & Poet

Born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada), Jessica Larsen has been practising photography since she could snap the button on the camera. Jess has an eye for beauty and simplicity, which is highly apparent in her work – she captures natural images many of us would fail to even notice.

Jess leaves editing to a minimum, so her work shows the natural beauty it was intended to capture.

I don't feel the need to add a little write-up to each and every picture here – the simplicity of style speaks for itself. So, enjoy a sampling of Jessica's work:

Also, Jess has a passion for poetry – I cannot think of a much better combination than photography and poetry – so, I leave you all with one of my favourite poems by Jess.

“The cheap thrills of more than just lust,

The pain that kills. Everything turning to dust,

The hurting; the yearning; the twisting; the turning... of the heart.

The bleeding; the breaking; the aching; the cracking... of the soul.

The faking; the shaking; the making; the taking... of the body.

The crave; the fade; the shade; the jade... of whom you used to be.

The daze; the faze; the craze; the maze... of Love.

Confused. Misused,


Tears shed,

is what is left

of little



If you like what you see, please drop by Jessica's site to pay her a visit.


Da Old Man said...

I'm not sure what the middle picture is, but I like it the best.

Ivy said...

They're awesome! I especially like the fire one :D