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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Humans are the cruelest animals. After all, we can think.

Some people should not have children. Thankfully, there are services in place to get the children away from those people if need be (although next week I plan on discussing the flaws with such services). Unfortunately, some people also should not be allowed to own pets and there's little to nothing in place for situations that may arise as a result of such people having a pet.

Now, I'm not going to go off on a rant about how little we respect animal life, or how cruel we are by eating meat and keeping animals as pets. I am, however, going to go off on a rant about how cruel we are to own animals of whom we cannot, or simply will not, take care.

Last week I experienced a lot of anxiety and pain while trying to take care of Luna, my gerbil, who was incredibly ill. After a trip to the vet and a week of anti-biotics, Luna appears to be feeling as well as ever. But, it disturbs me to think of how many people would just leave their pet (especially a rodent) to die. Now I'm sure we're all pretty disgusted by someone who just decides they don't see the importance of taking care of their cat or dog, but a lot of us seem to think it's acceptable for people to dismiss their rodents, or goodness forbid, their fish (I remember my mother performing C.P.R. on a fish). I won't go on about that because it should be clear enough why I feel it's wrong to take a pet you really don't care for (like the idiots who buy their children hamster after hamster). No, I think those people are among the scum of the Earth.

Actually, I wish to address the people to whom we give our pity; the people who believe they care, yet own pets even though they are unable to afford possible healthcare costs. Don't try to give me that "what about the poor?" yarn. Being poor is unfortunate, but it's not an excuse to make life unfortunate for another creature (in my opinion, human or non-human). And, taking care of any pet is realising the possibility of future illness and treatment costs. Yes, these are the people I think are truly delusional - the people who really believe they care for that pet, when really, all they're doing is catering to their own desire for animal companionship (or the desire to teach their children 'some responsibility').

It's really simple, folks.

If you do not care,
Or you cannot afford it,
Do not own a pet.


Da Old Man said...

Reminds me of the knuckleheads who buy bunnies for Easter, then have no idea what to do with them, or those who get puppies or kittens because they are cute, and then dump them because cute puppies and kittens turn into dogs and cats.

Ivy said...

Completely agree on all accounts. I literally feel sick when I think about the way some animals are treated...

And I got to say, that my mum performed C.P.R. on a fish too!! And it actually worked and he lived for a couple more years after that.

Nicole said...

I am a huge animal lover. I hate when people get animals because of the "cuteness". It bothers me to think of how they really don't care about the animals and how people treat animals so horribly. It's so not fair to the animals. Then again sometimes these are the same people who go and have kids when they should't. Ahhh it makes me so upset and angry