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Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Hello everyone,
I have not deserted my blog... I will be back... hopefully tonight; possibly tomorrow; at the very latest, Sunday. I will also post the previously promised: "Banishing Boxes and Books", "Artist of the Week", and "Gotta-Get it-Gadget" (as well as the movie review and rant if it ends up being that long before I have a few minutes). From now on, none of this nonsense will happen - I will be preparing my posts a wee bit in advance.
Why am I suddenly going to become organised? Well...


Yep... finally got a job to keep me busy and sane through the summer! I'll still blog daily... but, I'll be making use of my option to schedule posts, so the writing will be done in advance (lucky for you guys - that means it will be more organised!)

Sorry I haven't been around the past couple of days... but, with that job interview (yeah... I applied for the job, got called in 10 minutes, went to the interview, was hired within 2 and a half hours of applying - SWEET!), as well as a bunch of other running around I had to do (getting information for a human rights battle against my old employer... the battle has been going for nearly 10 months). Trust me... getting information from doctors/clinics/emergency rooms is like pulling teeth. Actually, pulling teeth is probably much easier (I was fired from my last job for having an asthma attack. They (bosses) sent me to the hospital, FROM work, with a severe asthma attack - I couldn't go in the next day 'cause I still couldn't breathe, so they fired me... now I have been gathering the same information (basically my entire medical file from the time I was hired until the time I was fired) for human rights, over and over, for the past 10 months (in other words, my medical info. has been floating around the human rights department here, since I've hunted out and sent in the exact same information about a half dozen times [I'm not exaggerating... I'm probably underestimating]).

So, today I've got a wee bit more running to do for those people, then I have some much needed shopping to get done. Tomorrow I'm going out with dad, as we do every Saturday, but I'm also on a mission - several places in my city have been selling things made with real dog fur. Yep, dog fur. So, I've got some consumer-bitching to do towards these store-owners... and Sunday, I've got to meet some people... hopefully you guys won't be kept waiting that long.

Thank you so much for your readership and your loyalty. In the mean time, I recommend visiting some of the blogs I can't get enough of:
Read a lot and leave plenty of comments... trust me, these blogs ROCK:


Da Old Man said...

That was a jam-packed entry.
First, congrats on the new job.

Next, thanks for the kind words.

Good luck with the suit against the last empoyer.

Have fun hanging with Dad.

Slap around those fur sellers, that is disgusting.

Just typing all that wore me out, and you had to do it!

Good luck. Looking forward to reading you soon.

Dr. Rob said...

You've earned the record for fastest job application to interview to acceptance. I'm very happy for you. Thanks so much for plugging rob's megaphone. That just made my day.

Asthma is nothing to sneeze at. I outgrew it as a kid, but due to a lot of mold behind the walls of my office, it came back BIG time. I take three meds a day to breathe. My employer covers the cost.

Anyway, I'm getting ready for a celebration on my blog take a look late today or tomorrow.

Take care, friend. See you soon.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

You are a sweetie and a half for linking to me - I'd like to thank each and every one of you!

And congratulations on the job. And now that you've told us the beginning and part of the middle of this harrowing story with your previous employer, you have to HAVE TO HAVE TO keep us posted. Promise?

- Margaret