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Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekly Rant (and updates)

First of all, updates:

Two people voted on last week's poll (don't I feel loved :-P) - one liked the layout the way it was, one said the banner had to go... I am in agreeance with the second voter. So, there is a new banner (still not sure how much I like it though, so if anyone really dislikes it... please comment and tell me so it can be done away with)! The videos this week, I thought so anyway, are pretty cute and off-beat... and also proof that nearly anything can be found on YouTube. I hope you all enjoy what this week has to offer.

Now, let's rant:

I am an ex-smoker. I quit smoking cigarettes three months ago (three months to this day, actually) and I do not intend to start again (and, being allergic, I think it's highly probable that I will not resume smoking cigarettes). I am not, however, an anti-smoker.

So many people, so easily distracted from issues of greater importance, have gone to great lengths to demonise cigarette-smokers. You can't smoke in restaurants; you can't smoke in bars; you can't smoke in church*, and you can't even smoke in your own home or car (at least not without being made to feel like a cold-blooded murderer). In many places, where people are stuck most (if not all) of the day, it is illegal to smoke. It is not, however, illegal to manufacture and sell cigarettes - as long as the government is earning huge funds from it. What's worse is even though smokers pay outrageous prices and insanely high taxes on cigarettes, at least in Canada, they're constantly told how everyones tax dollars are being wasted on treating diseases smokers "bring on themselves" (because the tobacco companies and governments hold no responsibility). Gee, so where does all the money taken from smokers go? I know! I suppose it would go to pay for the healthcare of alcoholics, over-eaters, under-eaters, or people who happened to become pregnant. For shame!

I believe there would be less "smoking-related illness" if there was less screaming about the dangers of smoking. The mind is a very powerful thing, so if you're constantly told you're going to get a big ol' nasty disease... and if you really believe that... it's probably going to happen! The message on cigarette packages should read more like: "An estimated 'x number of' people, through use of positive thinking, cured themselves of cancer this year. Twice as many, however, succombed to cancer as a result of constant negative reinforcement from cigarette labels". In fact, I'm willing to bet the number of 'smoking-related' deaths has gone up drastically since government and tobacco companies began pasting these death warrants on cigarette packages.

Keep something in mind... these "smoking-related" illnesses and deaths I keep mentioning? Yeah... a person, who has never smoked or lived with smokers in her or his entire life, who dies from lung cancer as a result of spending his or her entire life working in a chemical plant? Uh-huh, that person gets registered as having died from a "smoking-related" illness. And, all those chemicals listed on a cigarette package? Yeah... a lot of those chemicals are in the paper that cigarette is rolled in... and a lot more are added by tobacco companies... just to make sure we continue to smoke their brand. And... the huge-ass fines you get for illegally selling cigarettes? Yeah, those people are usually treated worse and fined more than people who sell heroin or crack... which proves that the only thing the government gives a sweet shit about is making money (surprise, surprise).

So, not only are tobacco companies and governments slowly killing smokers with cigarettes, leaving smokers to take the blame and look like a scourge on society (after all, smokers could decide not to smoke... much easier than the government could make it illegal or refuse to allow advertising.. since we all know the government can't be held reponsible for anything), they're fucking-well lying to us while they do it. All the while, the government is effectively turning us all against one another while they freely destroy everything else in our society, since we're too busy worrying about the ills of second-hand smoke.

Yeah, I'm bitter.

* for all of you who want to pounce on me for whining about not being able to smoke in church, I'm referring to a joke I'm certain some people will get... if you don't, I don't plan on explaining myself.


dave said...

i voted last week and this week :-D

Ivy said...

oh man, i am sooooo with u on this one. the australian government has spent millions on anti-smoking campaigns to scare the shit out of smokers. you're right in every aspect of ur argument. i think smokers keep a good proportion of the economy alive.

Benny Greenberg said...

The smoker’s taxes make up some incredible monies - but if no one smoked - the tax money would come from elsewhere - so that is no reason to add fuel to that fire. As for the "mental aspect” I agree that if someone is told that "something will make them sick" they will end up sick. The opposite works as well. This experiment has been done many times. Getting people to tell one person during the day that they do not look well at all. Before the day is over - they will be sick. Do not try it - as it works and is a mean trick.