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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weekly Movie Review (Palindromes)

"Palindromes", an aptly titled film written and directed by Todd Solondz, is a slightly surreal, well-crafted movie dealing with three issues no one ever really wants to think about: teenage pregnancy/sexuality, pedophilia, and abortion (viciously attacking both supporters and non-supporters alike).

The movie casts eight seperate actresses (and even an actor) to play the role of Aviva, a girl who has just barely entered puberty and desires nothing more than to have a living, breathing baby of her own. Of the people cast for the role of Aviva, who is not always called Aviva when going between characters (to add further confusion perhaps?), is Jennifer Jason Leigh, a stunning actress with an impressive filmography. This movie also casts Ellen Barkin who has played in hit movies "Ocean's Thirteen" and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

Although this film has several fairly disturbing scenes involving pedophilia and under-aged sexuality. And, although this film happens to be extremely depressing from start to finish, reading the same beginning to end and ending to beginning, "Palindromes" captivates its audience with an astonishingly accurate (although admittedly audacious) depiction of society and its response to issues such as teen sexuality and abortion.

I post a preview, taken from YouTube, for you all to review. The "love" scene near the end of the preview is the kind of thing that made this movie hard for me to stomach. The creative casting, the slightly surreal feeling associated with the movie, and the willingness of the director to deal with such controversial material, however, is what makes this one of my favourite films. Fair warning, if you're a relatively conservative thinker, don't waste your time or bother yourself by watching this movie.

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