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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weekly Movie Review (Margaret's Musem)

Okay, so I realise it's pretty late in the day... and I didn't write yesterday. I'm sorry, but it's been beautiful outside, so the computer is the last place I've been spending my time. Actually, I'm not sorry at all.
I did, however, see there is now the option to write posts in advance and schedule them to post at a pre-determined time. YAY! I will definitely be making use of that feature! I promised you all a movie review, so I guess it's time to deliver. This week I have chosen to review "Margaret's Museum" - partly because it is one of my favourite movies and partly because I'm certain not everyone has seen this (unless you live in the East coast of Canada or have an obsession with Helena Bohem Carter [and who in their right minds wouldn't?]), so I run less a risk of boring you all. Who really wants to read a bunch of dribble about a movie they already saw?

Based on the short story "The Glace Bay Miners' Museum" by Sheldon Currie, Margaret's Museum is a critically acclaimed movie, released around 1995, showcasing the hardships experienced by Margaret MacNeil (Helena Bohem Carter) and her family. The movie is set during the 1940s, within a small mining community in Nova Scotia, Canada. Work is scarce, everywhere but the "pits" (mines) that is, and Margaret's grandfather who lives at home with her and her mother, Catherine MacNeil (Kate Nelligan), is living proof of what a life in the mines does to a person (and their lungs).
After Margaret and her mother lost most of their family to the pits, there is no way either woman will stand for Margaret marrying a miner. Luckily, Margaret meets and falls in love with Neil Currie (Clive Russel), who is a dishwasher with a gift for playing the bagpipes. Against her mother's wishes (as her mother tends to be slightly over-bearing), Margaret marries Neil and their movie into their own home, a home built by Neil with considerable love and effort. Life is perfect for Neil and Margaret until financial problems drive Neil, as well as Margaret's teenage brother Jimmy, into the mines to find work. Intense and emotional, this movie leads the viewer to an extremely powerful and unimaginable ending. Unfortunately, this movie can also be somewhat difficult to find.

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