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Friday, May 30, 2008

Play it again - putting together a perfect playlist

The other night I was surfing the web, trying to find out how to put a playlist on my blog. I found this wonderful website where all I had to do was type in the address of where my songs were stored. Apparently, after I put in the address and choose my 'tweaks', or 'custom' settings, I'd be able to copy the code and put it on my site - sounds really easy, huh?
Turns out it didn't work.
Surprise, surprise.

But, I did end up finding a site called "Playlist" that did exactly what I was looking for.
It's simple.
  1. Create an account
  2. Search for music
  3. Add to your playlist
  4. Click your playlist and generate code to add it whereever you want - even Facebook!
And, voila!
(you may also choose auto-play, but I chose not to since not everyone wants to go to a blog and hear music screaming at them. Some songs may be unavailable - the usual disclaimer type thing)

Click on the link to try it yourself - your playlist can be nearly any colour (if you check my sidebar, it's purple!)


Da Old Man said...

Extremely cool. Looks like something even I may be able to do.

I'm going to try tomorrow.

Thanks for posting this.

John Painz said...

playlist is cool - sometimes it's a pain to find new tracks of ones that were deleted, but that just happens.