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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Merging the mythological with the natural.

Jonathon Bowser
Born in Canada during the year of 1962, Jonathon Earl Bowser, of French, Scottish, English, and Chippewa Indian descent, has created a remarkable collection of art. Today we will focus on the series he calls "Mythic Naturalism"... in his words, "images looking for the mysterious poetry of which the natural world is made."

Amazingly, Jonathon did not begin painting until he reached the age of eighteen. It's hard to believe such a talent could be masked until he reached the age of adulthood.

This painting is called "Song of the Hummingbird Muses" - can't you just smell the soft scent of the honeysuckles? Do you hear the music? I think I do.

This painting is called "Blue Invariance" and is reminiscent of the European medieval era. In Bowser's words, the society "forgot how to remember what it had learned before". This painting depicts what we hope is true and real - the desire fordieval era when, knowledge; the quest for wisdom.
If it weren't for the mermaid fins, it would almost remind me (personally) of Demeter and Persephone.

The last painting we'll look at today is called "Parsival's Lament" and was dedicated to the memory of Lesley Bowser (1939-2003). "Parsival's Lament" depicts the complicated web of Creation and I suggest reading the legend on the artist's website (it is quite lengthly and I'm not going to butcher it by trying to shorten it). This is most definitely a powerful piece.
If you're as enchanted with Jonathon's work as I am, please visit his website to find more paintings (from his Mythic Naturalism and other series) as well as the great stories connected to these works.
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Ivy said...

woah. Parsival's Lament is now my desktop wallpaper, i loooooves it