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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Junking Junk Jewellery

Hello, hello!

So, this week we take a look inside my jewellery box. Or rather, we actually put my jewellery in the box. Now, those who know me offline know that I rarely wear any jewellery. In fact, the only thing I ever really wear in terms of jewellery is my necklace (shown in the picture below - has been edited, since I am pretty sure no one wants to see a picture of my chest). Occasionally, I throw in a pair of earrings... oh... and my nosering doesn't come out, either. That's seriously it.

So, why do I own piles of jewellery? And, why is it scattered around my bedroom? Well, I have an excuse for owning the jewellery - people know I like pretty, funky things... so, people give me pretty, funky things. I don't have the heart to tell them I'll never wear it (okay, so whoever has given me jewellery and is reading this: sorry!). But, I've no excuse for letting the jewellery get scattered around my bedroom. So, as you're reading this, my jewellery (the majority of it anyway) is now sitting in little boxes, where it belongs.

As you can see, that's a lot of junk to be floating around a room:


Even my hair accessories were floating around, without a place... and, anyone who knows me will also know I never wear (except for the odd head-band) hair accessories. So, they all have a nice spot in the bathroom drawer now.

Doesn't this look a lot better than piles of jewellery laying around? I think so. In fact, I've been so disorganised, I've actually found more jewellery in my room since I organised what was in these pictures... so at the end of week 8, I will post a picture of all the extra stuff I found that I forgot I even had!

Tune in next week when I sort out my sinful selection of shoes.


Nancy said...

Hello hopping here...nice page!

Ivy said...

ooOooOO! I like that rainbow ring (i think it's a ring). and you've got lovely jewellery boxes, too. i think i need to get a jewellery box now