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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

George Carlin is a God (Wave G'Bye to the Recipe of the Week)

Alright, another change... there will be no more vegetarian recipe of the week (unless I get a bunch of comments or emails asking me to bring back that feature). I look at it this way... I don't know how many of my readers are vegetarian (and I don't want to turn off you stinky, evil carnivores :-P) and I don't think people visiting an entertainment blog (which is where this appears to be going) are going to give a sweet shit about recipes. Personally, I ignore recipes unless they're extremely eye-catching (and since I'm no chef, that certainly won't be happening every week), or unless I'm flat out looking for a recipe... and this blog would be a rather strange place for someone to come looking for a recipe. So, we say goodbye to a not-so-hot idea.

I have no idea what Wednesday's feature will be now. So, unless I get a bunch of suggestions from people on what they'd like to see as a weekly feature... I'm leaving Wednesdays open for whatever I feel like posting. Thank you to all the readers who have been sticking with me so far - please continue to bear with me since there will likely be more changes - and please tell me if something is absolutely horrid and should go... I will not be offended!
Now, I leave you with my favourite video from the greatest comedian of all time:

George Carlin

1 comment:

Bob Whaley said...

Just heard the breaking news about George. What a man.
My earliest memories are the only thing I will leave here. He was on "That Was The Week That Was".
Very funny once a week "news" comedy show. The first place I saw the Hippy dippy weatherman. And much much more. Later in his career I felt like I knew him early. I once say him perform in Erie, Pennsylvania. Yes. I'm sure you know how he started that show. It will be remembered by me for many reasons, but he will be remembered by me for the obvious reason that he was a genius of a performer from the sixties and seventies.
Bob Whaley