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Friday, May 9, 2008

Gadget of the Week (Guerrilla Mail)

Two posts today, aren't you guys lucky? Actaully, I was just lazy yesterday.

Guerrilla Mail

Yeah... I know... wtf? I'll admit, it's got a horrible name. But, it rocks.

So... what is it?
  • It's disposable
  • It's temporary
  • It's incredibly sneaky
  • It's incredibly clever...
... it's e-mail???

Ever want to try out an online service, but didn't want to provide your personal information? No? Then don't bother reading any further...
If, however, you're like me and have grown sick and tired of checking a fake e-mail account that takes all too long to create (for the purpose of checking out a website or application), this is a gadget for you. Guerrilla Mail is a temporary e-mail service. You click a button, you're given an e-mail address that expires in 15 minutes, and all you have to do to check your mail is refresh your browser.
Of course, I recommend keeping this open in a seperate screen for simplicity's sake.
So, when you want to check out a website/service/application, you just input the e-mail address you were given by Guerrilla Mail and wait for the authorisation e-mail to come in... and what's super-cool about all of this is even if the site you signed up for takes a long time to send their verification e-mail, you can click "Give me 15 more minutes" for as long as it takes. No more fake hotmail accounts, yay!

Get on a site,
Get an idea,
Get curious,
Get GuerrilaMail

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