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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun and Freaky Flash Video (Foamy's Fat-kins Diet)

Okay, so if I had my way (which I could if I really wanted to risk driving everyone away), I would attach a "Neurotically Yours" video to every post I write. Jonathan Ian Mathers who created iLL WiLL PreSS, is the genius responsibly for "Neurotically Yours"... or, more importantly, the genuis responsibly for "Foamy"... and if you don't know who Foamy is, you will within seconds of hitting "play". I hope you all enjoy Foamy's rant as much as I did... and, for the sensitive types out there... there is a language warning... as in every second word. 'K, enjoy!

For more, please visit iLL WiLL PreSS


Ram Das D said...

your blog is pretty impressive
nice post too


dave said...

ha ha i loved that little guy he speaks the truth lol