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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Badgers - all over the place & all up in your face!

I remember a time when my friends and I would sit around in a circle, laughing our little beatty red eyes out while watching strange animations that made absolutely no sense - all the while surrounded by a thick, hazy, gray cloud of...

Well, okay... so that was last night...

Anyway, one of those videos we used to watch was this lovely little gem I'm about to unload on you, the viewers. Possibly of much greater mention, the video I am posing afterwards - which was posted by some young brave soul on YouTube, is a live-action response... it's not flash, but it's most definitely fun and freaky.

If you liked the annoyingly amusing little badgers in the first flash video, please visit
Weebl's Stuff

If, however, you preferred the second video... it was posted to YouTube by someone who calls himself CoffeeSen... to give him a little love, click here


Da Old Man said...

It may be the Vicodin talking, but I laughed at both videos. Thanks for posting them.

dave said...

ha ha verrr niz

John Painz said...

I could see how smoke might make those more fun... I feel as though I'll dream tonight. And blame you. ;)