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Friday, May 9, 2008

Artist of the Week (Isobel Campbell)

Okay, so this is a day late... I didn't particularly feel like blogging yesterday and I wasn't smart enough to have had prepared a post in advance. Anyway, I now present to you:

Isobel Campbell

Born in Glasgow, Scotland on April 17th, 1976, Isobel Campbell is a singer, composer, and cellist. Isobel sings solo, but has also been a member of the Scottish band "Belle and Sebastian" and her own band, "The Gentle Waves" (the song "Falling from Grace" is featured in the movie "Pumpkin" which has an over-all fanatastic sound-track) . Also, Isobel has sung with Mark Lanegan , pairing his rough and gritty stylings with her soft whispers.

Although she may sound meek and mild the first time you hear her voice, you can quickly tell from listening to her music that she is a power-house - a tigress, ready to pounce. I'm not entirely sure how to describe her genre; she does not fall into any nicely pre-packaged group, but her sound is somewhat "folky". I suppose this means she would be labeled "indy".
No matter what can be said about a musician, words alone cannot make someone like an artist. So, I leave four of my favourite songs by her so you can listen for yourself and see what you think. :-)

**I take no responsibility for the content of these Videos as they were not created by me (except for "Black Mountain", in which case, I apologise for the dozens of pictures of fake flowers). This being said, "Ramblin' Man" is loaded with adult content, so do NOT watch around children!**

Black Mountain

("Revolver" and "Time is Just the Same" are done with Eugene Kelly)

Time Is Just the Same

Ramblin' Man
(Can someone tell me if that's Misha Barton in the video???)

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