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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Artist of the Week - Adriana Mullen

Adriana Mullen

Adriana Mullen is a freelance professional chef living in Watchung, New Jersey. As stated on her biography (available at her website), Adriana's skill for creating mouth-watering delicacies for the eyes and the soul, however, was sparked by a curiousity of photography to capture everything in her kitchen. Adriana's curiousity, she states on her biography, became a passion - which is highly evident in her work.

Adriana does not keep the tricks of the trade to herself. Although her skill and talent may be unique to her, Adriana offers (available under the "Articles" tab on her main site) two well-written documents highlighting the tips, tricks, and guidelines that help go towards being a good photographer.

I leave you now with some of the photographs from Adriana Mullen's collection - with the talent she has for photography and writing, we can be pretty confident her food tastes as lovely as it looks.

Tea and Tofu - to die for

Peaches and Honey - too pretty to eat!

Beautiful pairing of colours

Time for dessert!

If you like what you see and want to see more, please visit the artist at her website:
Adriana Mullen Photography

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