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Monday, April 28, 2008

I Don't Like Mondays...

Tell me why? okay, no more really bad jokes for this post... which should be easy; I'm not posting today

Today is just an update because, well, I'm feeling lazy today. I did, however, want to share the results of the poll. Since only four people voted, everyone gets what they want! Yep, from now on (or at least until it gets boring), every Tuesday will be "Fun and Freaky Flash Videos", every Wednesday will be "Vegetarian Recipe of the Week", and every Saturday will be "Weekly Movie Review". I will leave the results of the poll visible until next Sunday, when the new poll ends. Each week, the results from the previous week will be visible.

This week the question is whether or not you, the readers, would like to see a weekly rant... which would be about virtually anything. I realise some people find rants amusing, while others think they're "whiney", or boring. I'm not really sure what my reader-base is yet, so I am leaving it up to you guys to decide.

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