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Friday, April 25, 2008

Gadget of the Week - MUSICOVERY!

I found the most awesome thing EVER when I was searching the web today! It's called...


This site kicks the ass of almost any site I've ever been to. So, what's so great about it? I'll let you know - I even took screen-shots to help explain :-P

As you can see to the left, there is a neat little colourful box. When you visit Musicovery this box is centre of the screen... why? Well, Musicovery allows you to find music tailored to your tastes. Best of all? You do not have to be a member to use the basic features on the website (which translates to being able to use the majority of things offered).

"How can I find some new, awesome tunes?"

  • On the time-line, choose a decade of your liking (or choose "all" if you're feeling especially experimental)
  • In the box titled "Mood" choose from "dark", "energetic", "positive", "calm", or just click anywhere between the categories for something closer to the middle.
  • Under "All Genres" (which I believe is automatically populated to everything) choose the genres you want to hear music from (make sure the box is ticked for those you want and clear for those you do not want)
  • Make sure your speakers are on (for those of you out there just like me! :-P) and enjoy!!!!

And, what really takes the cake?

For one thing, you can find a song for any mood! But, if you're exploring for new tunes you can click on a tune you enjoy and it will present more connections to connect you with music you might enjoy based on the song you just chose. It's also a superb way to put together a playlist, whether it be for a party or a romantic night in!
This is an example of the choices I got by choosing one genre and moodThis is an example of choosing multiple categories - each category is colour-coded and when you chose a new song it will highlight the genre and the mood

So, want to give it a whirl?
Click here to visit:

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