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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Artist of the Week - Eric M. Gustafson

Each week I will be discussing an artist of some sort. Some weeks the artist will be a musician, some weeks a writer; some weeks the artist will be someone who creates visual art offline, a photographer, or on-line (through photoshop or similar programs).

This week we will be viewing "creative imagery" by Eric M. Gustafson, after we learn a little bit about the artist, of course.
(Eric M. Gustafson as portrayed on his web-site)

Eric M. Gustafson is a photographer who is currently living in Austin, Texas (but has also lived in many other states within the United States). Mr. Gustafson introduces his audience to "ambiguously emotive scenes lacking a subject", "perspectives that escape the norm", as well as "unique, fleeting moments downtown". According to Eric M. Gustafson's web-site, everything in his work that exists is within the vision of it's creator.

Mr. Gustafson find his subjects with nothing more on his body than a camera (and sometimes a tripod). He has taken pictures in different countries around the world, none of which are pre-arranged. This artist is but a modest explorer with a fabulous camera... and a keen eye for a great shot!
(Doing What We Do - 2008)

Eric M. Gustafson is also an expert in photoshop and knows how to give his photographs just the touch they need - nothing more, nothing less. So, I leave you with some more of his artwork and a link for further viewing purposes. I hope you enjoy his art as much as I certainly do! :-)

(19th Hour - 2006)

(True to Ishmael - 2008)

For more of Eric M. Gustafson's artwork, please visit

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